Striped backgrounds: Stripe Generator.

Analytics: Google Analytics.

Area pageview counter: FlagCounter.

Tools & Programs: Notepad++, Blender, Paint.NET, FileZilla, InkScape.

Web host: Hostico.

Creator: LeetZero.
Web languages: HTTP, CSS, PHP download counter.
Works fine on: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Maxthon Browser.
Resolution that the website was done and planned at: 1920x1080, 800x1280 (mobile).
LeetLegacy version: v9.
Coding sources: W3Schools, PHPEasyStep.
Main font: Calibri.
Minimum recommended resolution width: 940 pixels wide.

Funfact: The LeetLegacy logo colors and Ligacy logo colors are all part of the website's css.